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In a world where data is a primary focus, marketing analytics is now becoming the process of connecting marketing function with business intelligence. The need for a specialized marketing analytics consultant is becoming important to bridge the gaps in marketing data and to extract business insights.

Building an efffective strategy

-Research data sources

-Evaluate and define data sources

-Identify gaps in strategies

-Develop a marketing strategy that aligns with business needs

-Establish reporting and insights from your analytics

Fix the gaps in your insights

-Analyze reports and determine gaps in data

-Set business objectives for reporting

-Apply analytical models to assist in forecasting

-Help create effective data visualization strategies

Digital Advertising Services

-Search Engine Optimization

-Web Design and Development

-Social Media Marketing

-Pay-Per-Click Managment

-eCommerce Solutions

-Content Marketing

Provide a fresh look at your marketing

-Diverse experience allows for unique approaches to challenging problems

-Bring in innovative solutions and ideas that can lead to cost and times savings

-Assist in working with internal teams and resolving conflicts

What Our Clients Say


Mike, CMO

SJRCC brought in fresh ideas and tactics that lead to immediate results

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